Pro Wrestling League 2015 Schedule

Pro Wrestling League India 2015 is about to start and people are searching for PWL Schedule 2015. Here we are providing you the complete match details and Pro Wrestling League Schedule 2015. PWL starts from Delhi and PWL final is also scheduled to play in Delhi itself. 17 matches will be played in Pro Wrestling League 2015. Opening Ceremony of PWL will be hosted in Delhi. People are so much excited for Pro Wrestling Matches. Wrestling is very much famous in India.

PWL Matches 2015

Date Matches Venues
10-12-2015 Delhi  Vs Up Delhi
11-12-2015 Punjab Vs Mumbai Delhi
12-12-2015 Haryana Vs Bangalore Delhi
13-12-2015 Punjab Vs UP Ludhiana
14-12-2015 Delhi  Vs Haryana Ludhiana
15-12-2015 Mumbai Vs Bangalore Ludhiana
16-12-2015 Haryana  Vs UP Gurgaon
17-12-2015 Bangalore Vs Punjab Gurgaon
18-12-2015 Delhi Vs Mumbai Gurgaon
19-12-2015 UP Vs Punjab Noida
20-12-2015 Delhi Vs Punjab Noida
21-12-2015 Mumbai Vs UP Mumbai
22-12-2015 Haryana Vs Punjab Mumbai
23-12-2015 Bangalore Vs Delhi Bangalore
24-12-2015 Mumbai Vs Haryana Bangalore
25-12-2015 Semi Final 1 Delhi
26-12-2015 Semi Final 2 Delhi
27-12-2015 Final Delhi

Pro Wrestling team is going to start from 10th December 2015 and will ends on 27th December 2015. People like Pro Wrestling League most. People enjoy the battle between two teams in PWL.

WL auction is already over. In total 6 teams are playing the battle of Pro Wrestling League 2015.

Pro Wrestling Team Names:-

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Benguluru
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Uttar Pradesh

Kartikeya Sharma, CMD, ProSportify on Pro wrestling League


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