NewsX asks viewers to ‘See Beyond’

The English news channel is repositioning itself to bridge the differences between augmented and ground reality of every story with a new brand campaign.


Most of the things we hear are opinions, not facts. The things what we see are perspectives, not necessarily the truth. To bring to the viewers what lies beneath, NewsX is repositioning itself to bridge the differences between augmented and the ground reality of every story.

The campaign will take the brand values to the next level and will be aided by the launch of a new campaign that will promote the channel’s philosophy at large. With the theme ‘See Beyond…’, the campaign will be a continuation of ‘News. Not Noise’, the defining value of the English news channel.

Speaking on the launch of this brand campaign, Kartikeya Sharma, Managing Director – iTV Network, said, “NewsX is evolving. We are overwhelmed with NewsX’s success in such a short span of time. We are glad about our acceptance among the viewers. This campaign is a conscious effort to emphasise on facts, not on opinions, devoid of hysteria and sensationalism. This brand campaign will help the brand stand out as a catalyst of fair and unmolded news broadcaster.”

Savvy Dilip, Group CMO, iTV Network, added here, “We are delighted to introduce this brand campaign and continue our rich legacy of delivering quality news. This brand campaign will be promoted through 360-degreeplatforms comprised of on-air, print, outdoor, digital and social media, along with interactive viewer engagement activities. We are also optimistic about adding considerable value to all our stakeholders through this brand repositioning.”



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