Interview: Managing Director of iTV Network

From acquiring NewsX which was in doldrums and then turning it around, slowly yet steadily, iTV is conspicuously creating a strong foothold in the media business, with a presence across print, regional channels and a scheduled foray in the business news space.

The network’s Managing Director Kartikeya Sharma, talks about the challenges in the TV news space, the impact and influence of digital media and what lies ahead. Excerpts:

News is perhaps one of the most volatile genres witnessing rapid changes, courtesy digitisation and growing influence of digital and social media. How do you see the news business evolving in the coming years?

The television news space is very dynamic, and I think it is evolving in more than one way. It is not only changing in the technology and news delivery front, but also on the distribution front with ongoing digitisation. There is a two-pronged approach – one is the impact of digitisation on the industry in terms of consumption behaviour of the content,and another is subscription revenues, which is yet to fall in place. As digitisation is taking longer than expected, subscription revenues remain a matter of concern, but I am hopeful that it will fall in place ultimately and the content creators will be benefited at large.

As far as the social and digital mediums are concerned, I see convergence of text and video as one entity in the digital space, and, in future, it will not be wrong to say that there will be one news source that will be consumed perhaps on one common device like a smartphone.



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